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    Get your very own silent disco sound system. We have different Party Headphone models designed for parties, cinema, theater, conferences, translations...

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    ● Ergonomic, foldable design with soft leather style ear pads, adjustable arty Headphones for any size. Auto mute and automatic shut-off after 10 minutes of no signal detection, conserve battery life

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    ● Soft leatherette ear cushions, plus self-adjusting headband, let you listen to your entertainment in extreme comfort, even during long hours of extended wear. Endless Party Headphones can be used simultaneously with one transmitter

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    silent disco headphones

    Buy Folding Party Headphones

    ● Ergonomic, foldable design with soft leather style ear pads, adjustable arty Headphones for any size. Auto mute and automatic shut-off after 10 minutes of no signal detection, conserve battery life

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    ● Silent Disco Headphones with Funky flashlights gently pulsing on as you pump the tunes up. Big channel-indicating logo light, you can see the channel difference by logo color

Party Headphones


Pump some action into your event. Party Headphones helps you bring music, dancing, and excitement wherever you need to turn up the energy.
This guide will help you plan your silent disco with tips on Party Headphones equipment you’ll need, event planning, and pricing. We hope the Ultimate Party Headphones Guide inspires you to throw your own silent disco.

Imagine a concert gathering of hundreds of people dancing while wearing wireless Party Headphones, with no audible music. As you walk in to the party you’re handed your own pair of headphones. What first appeared to be a crowd dancing to silence just became a full sensory audio experience. Silent Discos have made their way from clubs and festivals to private parties and corporate events all over the World. Join the fun and bring something new to your client!


Party anywhere and anytime with party headphones

Your team just finished a major project and you need an emergency celebration? Noise is no issue for anyone who doesn’t want to hear it. Entertain without the complaints! GROUP EXPERIENCE, INDIVIDUAL CONTROLS At a silent disco, you make the decision to listen to the music or chat with friends. No yelling required. Our Party headphone system offers 2 or 3 channels of audio so your guests can maximize their listening options. Have DJs compete for listeners, or entertain different age groups by offering a selection. You can finally invite your country music friends and your techno friends to the same party!

Party headphones are taking over the dancefloor.

Complaints about loud music should be a thing of the past.

If you are looking for a good party, you can simply follow his ears. The louder the music, the closer the partylocation. Not so on anymore.
Somewhat shy, they are still at first, the otherwise so passionate wild disco goers. Despite headphones with party music on their ears, they do not really dare to storm the dance floor.  The beginning is always somewhat difficult, but they will get use to it . It all started with a loudness problem at the music festival  "There were also complaints about the loud music in the evening hours. As we wanted to continue and celebrate, we took up the concept of silent disco with party headphones. "

In other countries the Headphone party events are already much more popular than with us. "The system is simple, Everyone gets a headphone, with which he can listen over a certain radio frequency two different channels. We play everything  that is danceable and can be singled, so there is something for every party guest. "The mix seems to be right. The disco goers, already wearing headphones, are enthusiastic.

"The music is really good," says Magdalena. Together with her girlfriend, she is still standing on the stage edge and rocking rhythmically with her foot, before the two finally hit the dance floor. The spotlights  seems to deter many at the beginning of the party. "A certain obstacle is already there," says Johannes Albers. He prefers to dances next to the beer truck, but says: "If you have overcome it, dancing is a lot of fun."

The only one in the circle of his friends is already wearing party headphones, and he soon infects them with his euphoria. It is actually a very amusing picture to observe the people with party headphones  dancing and singing - without knowing what they are listening to.
"Bertrand says that he  likes to talk with his friends when dancing and listening to music,", finding that this is not so easy with the continuous sound from the party headphones.
Nevertheless, after a short break at the beer tent table, he swings back to the floor. Meanwhile, a group of women has also stormed the stage. Now that the beginning is done, the dance floor is filling up. "It's totally cool to dance to the headphone music. Once the first shyness is overcome, you can simply leave yourself and be yourself, "rejoices Nina. Her friend Katharina nods in agreement.
She is thrilled to be able to dance at two parties at the same time without having to change places: "I can simply change the channel and it's like I'm on a different dance floor. I especially like the fact that you can not recognize the movements of the people to which music they celebrate until they are asked for. "

Silent dance with party headphones

At the Silent Disco, partygoers choose their own music and listen to them via radio headsets. This creates a dancing pleasure in silence.
It is difficult to decide who has more fun: the club guests with party headphones who dance with a wide smile on the face to seemingly silent music or the guests on the edge, the cheerful hustle and bustle. Obviously, a "silent disco" is neither uncommunicative nor boring. Because everywhere on the silent disco  is talked, laughed and sung. And that although - or just because - here without headphones no music is to be heard.

Meanwhile, more and more clubgoers are discovering the "Silent Disco" as a new experience and the regular event in the is always well-attended.
Already half an hour before the beginning, the first guests at the silent disco floor are the first guests at the output desk, where the party headphones are available for two euros. "We come here every time because it's so relaxed and somehow different," two students say. An hour later, they bounce around the world, possibly running under their headphones, Franz Ferdinand or The Killers. Right next to it, some guests quietly sing the chorus of The Cure song "Friday I'm in Love". Since two DJs are connected in parallel, the party headphones have two channels and the guests can switch between them. It is striking that many dancers look at each other smiling. "You do not always have to look cool, on the contrary. Anyone who moves a little crazy under his party headphones will often get even more sympathy, "says 24-year-old Kreuzberger Mario, who also shows how he likes to dance to nirvana in his kitchen.

The quiet trend of Rotterdam first brought to London and then to Berlin has Xyko Sa. The Portuguese provides the organizers 300 headphones and the technical equipment. "It's great how well the concept is adopted, and I hope that more clubs will join," says Sa - without having to scream. Here, you do not need ear plugs, nor are you afraid that the event will be canceled due to noise.

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