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    Get your very own silent disco sound system. Best Party Headphone models designed for parties, cinema, theater, conferences, translations...

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    Buy Folding Silent Disco Headphones

    ● Best Party Headphones: Ergonomic, foldable design with soft leather style ear pads, adjustable silent disco Party Headphones for any size.

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    ● Our specially designed high-end silent disco equipment includes top of the line wireless silent disco headphones and FM transmitters

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    ● Best Party Headphones: Endless silent disco Party Headphone can be used simultaneously with one transmitter

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    ● Strong Bass and volume. Light and resistent headphone materials. Long distance sigal. Good looking and confortable designs

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    ● Best Party Headphones: Silent Disco party Headphones with Funky flashlights gently pulsing on as you pump the tunes up.


What are the qualities of a good set of headphones?

If you are considering a silent disco event or to buy Party Headphones equipment then you obviously need to do some homework on the Party Headphones technology to make an informed choice before you hire or purchase headphones. Below is a brief summary of the major factors to consider.

With the right equipment, you can organize your own silent disco party at home or pratically anywhere you like. Its good to invest in the right Party Headphones that you can afford, the only challenge is choosing the right headphones. Here are a few things to consider when shopping for Party headphones.

Comfortable to wear: - Comfort is paramount when selecting the best set. You can’t manage to regularly use a pair of headphones that you are not comfortable with. There are some in- ear headphones that are comfortable but if you intend to use the headphones for long periods then you might consider trying the on-and over-ear models.

Good sound quality: - Great headphones should produce full sound that is balanced across, midrange, treble and bass frequencies. Some headphones struggle when it comes to producing bass but some over the hear headphones produce deep sounds. Most headphones are either closed or open ear back ear cups. The open back headphones offer more sound than the closed ones. The only problem is that they tend to leak more noise. Closed headphones are capable of preventing sound leakage and can thus block unwanted noise. The best way to test headphones is to try them out.


The Best Silent Party Headphones, Which Headphones Should You Buy?


Best sounding silent disco headphones is essential but not the only features you look for in silent disco headphones.

Strong bass and volume, light and resistent headphone materials, long distance sigal, good looking and confortable designs are the desired features for the silent disco headphones you may buy.

1 - Party Headphones Wireless range

Walls and floors can prevent wireless signal transmission. Bluetooth headphones signal will only go to 30 meters maximum. Radio Frequency headphones can reach up to 100 meters or more. Unless you only want to build small silent party at home, you should not buy headphones with bluetooth signal.

Radio frequency (RF) wireless headphone systems can go through and bounce round physical obstructions and have a far greater range than infrared.

2 - Party Headphones Durability

Obviously the headphones you choose for your silent disco events need to be sturdily built and able to stand up to use by the general public. Imagine the attendees dropping the headset. Can the headphones take it?

3 - Party Headphones Cost

As always there is a balance to be made between cost and quality when considering wireless headphones for public use. For one off events hiring may the cheapest option, but if you are planning a number of events then check how it will compare with purchasing. Once the headphones may be used by many people, some irresponsible, some drunk or on drugs, it might not be wise to spend to buy expensive headphones. On the other hand buying poor quality could turn out be disappointing for your guests.

4 - Hygiene issues

The choice you make over the design of headphones and the ways you ensure they stay clean is important to ensure you protect your investment.

5 - Warranty & Support

Your decision over equipment supplier could make a huge difference to the long term cost of running a wireless headphone disco system.

Make sure you purchase or hire your wireless headphones from a reputable supplier with the ability to support you if the technology fails.

6 Model Build Materials

Silent disco eadphones should have extreme clamping force. They should not move around no matter what position you are in or what velocity your head is moving in. Headphones should be build from light weight materials


Party Headphones Event Guide, Best Practices

Party Headphones helps you bring music, dancing, and excitement wherever you need to turn up the energy.
This guide will help you plan your silent disco with tips on Party Headphones equipment you’ll need, event planning, and pricing. We hope the Ultimate Party Headphones Guide inspires you to throw your own silent disco.

Imagine a concert gathering of hundreds of people dancing while wearing wireless Party Headphones, with no audible music. As you walk in to the party you’re handed your own pair of headphones. What first appeared to be a crowd dancing to silence just became a full sensory audio experience. Silent Discos have made their way from clubs and festivals to private parties and corporate events all over the World. Join the fun and bring something new to your client!


Consider the options to make sure your silent disco is a hit. You can host your silent disco at any venue with Party Headphones! Being creative is always a hit with the crowd, so plan on a venue that will enhance the experience.

Make sure you get back exactly what you gave out. You may be surprised at how inexpensive it is to hire the headphones and equipment for a silent disco.  Be warned, though, about seriously hefty prices for lost, stolen or damaged goods.  When the crowd leave the venue, you must make sure that you retrieve every single pair of headphones.  People often assume that they’ll work with a wireless TV or MP3 player, and so many of these gadgets could be placed in handbags and under shirts, that you suddenly find yourself with half the amount you originally had.  The solution is simple but slightly daunting – a single file exit from the venue with a strict ‘give them back’ policy is really the best way to tackle this problem.  Experienced and professional door staff are the real solution, and they must be under strict instruction that nobody is to leave without returning their party headphones.  It will save you a fortune, particularly if you’ve opted for a luxury line of products that have attractive design features.



Do you need a company to staff the Party Headphones  event, or just the equipment? Silent Disco companies, with few exceptions, offer the both possibilities. Only Party Headphones equipment or all necessary pieces, as dj's, lights...

Even large silent disco events can be simple to manage with the right preparation. Typically, the venue has a single entrance and a single exit. People receive a Party Headphone as they enter and return it as they leave. Often, professional staffing isn’t necessary, and those coordinating the event can easily manage event traffic. For parties with less than 300 guests, consider having a couple or people hand out the Party Headphones at the entrance and another person collect them at the exit. For each additional 100 guests, plan to have an additional person on hand to help out.

If a single entrance and exit isn’t possible, here are some other Party Headphones distribution ideas:
Require an ID from each guest and associate the ID with the Party Headphones stock number. After the event, the guest returns their Party Headphones to receive their ID.
Require a cash deposit to be returned when the Party Headphones come back. The amount is up to you, but typically a $10 deposit is enough to make people remember to come back! GOOD FAITH You aren’t likely to have any issues when dealing with a smaller crowd. For an event with a group of guests you trust, simply remind them to turn in their Party Headphones at the end of the night.
Party Headphones systems are extremely user-friendly, and can be operated by anyone with a basic knowledge of audio and event production. If you can set up a DVD player – you can set up a Party Headphones system! Connect transmitter to anything with a play button – iPods, laptops, and DJ mixers all connect easily to the transmitter Once the transmitter is set up, simply turn on the Party Headphones!
STEP 1 Plug the TRANSMITTER into a standard OUTLET.

Selecting the right Party Headphones ultimately depends on the vision you have for your event. Are you planning for a small private party? Music festival? Corporate event? Having an understanding of your guests and their preferences will help you decide on the equipment that will best suit your needs.
Many Party Headphones companies offer large, over-the-ear Party Headphones.
Choose small, Robust, light Party Headphones with good sound signal that can go at least 50 meters

2- and 3-channel Party Headphones are commonly available in current systems. You’ll have to decide which will work best for your event. 3-channel Party Headphones systems offer more listening options but may create more confusion with guests.



How or where to organise a Silent Disco? 

Most of Party Headphones systems avilable, are easy to use and sort of plug and play systems.

A Silent Disco is really quite simple. First you need a space, a nightclub, area at a festival, park, boat, a street or why not doing it at home... Its possible to organize a silent disco almost anywhere.

Instead of using a classic sound system you hand party headphones to everyone. Live DJ’s then play as they used to play in classic sound systems but the sound is delivered instantly to the party headphones. You can also just plug the transmitter to one laptop or two laptops and let playlists run, no dj's needed. The participant at any time can switch between the DJ’s at the touch of a button in their party headphones. The end result is a couple of hundred people all singing and dancing together but to different music!


Have background music at your headphone party?

This may seem like a slightly bizarre suggestion, but having quiet background music playing in the venue while the silent disco is going on could be a good asset.  When the party headphones are taken off, the silence can be really quite strange, and the party atmosphere disappears almost instantly… no matter how funny it is watching your friends and strangers dance around like crazy people and making the fools of them selfs to a seemingly non-existent soundtrack.  Having sounds on in the background keeps people in the party spirit, but can also be used to calm them down – and if they did want to sit and chat quietly for a while, a more relaxed and easy-going ambience will be achieved with no awkward silences or the unavoidable overhearing of unintentional grunting, exhaling and foot shuffling going on in the crowd. The people wearing party headphones, will not feel the difference :)



Pre-Built Silent Disco Party Headphones Packages

Pre-built packages are designed to get you started with your silent disco party headphones system events

Home Silent Disco Party Headphone Equipment


Corporate & Conference Silent Disco Party Headphone Equipment


Cinema Silent Disco Party Headphone Equipment


Yoga & Fitness Silent Disco Party Headphone Equipment


Fitness Silent Disco Party Headphone Equipment


Education & Translation Silent Disco Party Headphone Equipment

Silent Disco Party Equipment Prices

Choose the silent disco Party Headphones package that fits you! The number of headsets and transmitters in packages can be adapted on your request.

Home Edition

10 Silent Disco Headphones + 2 Transmitters

Small Events

30 Silent Disco Headphones + 2 Transmitters

Big Events

50 Silent Disco Headphones + 2 Transmitters

Huge Events

100 Silent Disco Headphones + 2 Transmitters



Professional Headphone models designed for parties, cinema, theater, conferences, translations...

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