About Us

The Headphone Disco / Party concept is the brainchild of Silent Disco Ltd.

Its based on our concept, idea, plan, project... that silentdisco .com in the Netherlands came up to its own headphone disco project, which they later named silent disco.

The Facts:

Without the money to develop the concept, a dilemma settled in. Forget about it or reach out to possible investors and being perfectly aware that they could steal it?... And so it happened again :( Talked to the wrong person and he run away with the project. Since early 2000 till now they go around the world claiming that they were the great creators or inventors of silent disco :)

Well, to be honest, there is some truth in it. They came up with the name, silent disco, that's it! They are far from being the concept inventors or creators as they claim to be.

So now to cut a long story short...

Silent Disco Ltd is a Berlin, Germany based company specialized in silent disco equipment. We supply silent disco equipment directly from the factory in China to your doorstep.

Please contact us with any request or question.